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Patient Information Sheet

Physical Therapy & Fitness Services

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Socorro Physical Therapy & Fitness offers a number of services to treat and prevent injuries for athletes, students, and surgery recovery patients.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy includes one-on-one personalized sessions to treat any type of injury, from a sprained ankle to a back injury. We combine stretches, controlled movements, strength training, and more to help you recover faster and get back to your normal routine.

24 Hour Fitness Center

As a member of Socorro Physical Therapy & Fitness, you’ll have access to our 24 hour fitness center, complete with cardio and weight machines, free weights, medicine balls, exercise balls, resistance bands, and specialized physical therapy training machines.

Personal Training

Socorro Physical Therapy & Fitness offers personal training to provide workout programs to help you reach specific physical goals. We work with athletes, students, and adults who wish to maintain or lose weight and gain muscle. Each session combines both cardio and strength training, with benchmark weigh-ins and nutritional counseling to help you keep on track and monitor your progress.

Massage Therapy

Our physical therapy center in Socorro also offers massage therapy. There are many benefits to massage, including lowering your risk of injury while playing sports, relieving stress, increasing flexibility, improving circulation, and much more. We massage your shoulder, back, and leg muscles, customizing your session for your needs.

Aquatic Therapy Pool

Our fitness center also has an aquatic therapy pool, which we use to add resistance and alleviate pressure on joints during physical therapy. You can also use the pool as part of your workout routine.

Pain Management

Our licensed and experienced staff also offers pain management solutions, combining stretches, exercises, oral medications, and cortisone shots when needed. We will come up with a personalized plan for managing your specific pain, working towards a complete cure and absence of symptoms.